I have been designing and making jewellery, objects, and furniture for around nine years since completing my studies in Gold and Silversmithing at ANU. Many of my design ideas begin with simple paper templates and are translated into sheet materials such as metal or plastic. The objects are given life and form through simple folding or manipulations. By using this design process I try to achieve a sense of economy and purity in my designs.

Although trained in traditional silversmithing techniques I prefer to use modern industrial materials and manufacturing processes. You will find material such as stainless steel, aluminium and polypropylene prevalent in my work. In using these industrial materials I am able to utilise manufacturing processes such as laser cutting and industrial finishes like anodising to achieve my designs.

My design practice currently includes a small range of jewellery pieces, several lighting designs in limited production, and some one-off furniture pieces. My most recent project was to design a wine chillier for F!NK + Co., which is now in limited production. This was a collaboration with well-known object designer and maker, Robert Foster. I have also become involved with some interior design projects that involve custom lighting and furniture design.