Single Stem vase

single stem vase

These stunning vases pay homage to Robert Foster’s 2008 lighting installation The Journey that was on display at the ground floor of the ActewAGL building in Canberra, Australia, and which has now been decommissioned. 37 individual tusk-like forms —‘Ossalites’ — were set into a floor housing a sequenced LED lighting system triggered by motion sensors, creating a mesmerising forest of light.

The elegant and sculptural Single Stem vases are a heartfelt tribute to Robert and his Ossalites. The minimal forms are designed for a single stem flower and the weight of the water acts perfectly as a counter balance for holding a long-stemmed Australian native. They work beautifully as an individual piece or collective sculpture, memorialising and celebrating both Robert the individual, and the collective Ossalites.

Made from aluminium, they are shaped using Robert’s unique water forming process, which allows for the creation of the fluid, organic shapes synonymous with the F!NK aesthetic. The visible seam that runs along the arc creates a ridge or backbone — just as Robert was the backbone of F!NK + CO. Each vase is individually hand finished and then anodised.

They are available in pale charcoal, champagne and silver in large, medium and small sizes.

Tidal Pools

These gorgeous bowls are an expansion on the unique water forming process that Robert Foster devised to make the Coolamon and Rockpool Bowls. They are inspired by his love of the ocean and hours spent walking and exploring the rocky shores of Mimosa Rocks National Park on the South Coast of New South Wales — his favourite place in the world.

This F!NK Design Team collaboration has resulted in seven organic forms that emulate the tidal pools of those shores, and pay tribute to Robert’s earlier works and the way water erodes rock over millennia.

Utilising the F!NK principles of form and function, these multifunctional shapes and sizes are perfect for serving tapas, as salt and pepper pinch bowls, for dips, crackers or nuts, or simply placed on a bed side table in which to store your jewellery before falling asleep.

Creamer + Sugar Bowl

The Creamer and Sugar Bowl Set strikes a sublime balance between technical innovation, distilled form and functionality. The Set perfectly enhances the ritual and pleasure of serving tea or coffee.

The distinctive aspect of these vessels lies in using a revolutionary plastic base that can be bonded with anodized aluminium. An inventive heat fusion process combines these materials for the first time, ensuring hygienic, food-safe domestic pieces.

The playful design of the Creamer elicits the surprise of a bottomless container and the Sugar Bowl is ideal for serving cubes or grains. This F!NK trio is sold as a three-piece gift set (with its own tray), and is available in silver, black, cobalt blue and red.


These dynamic pieces are designed by Robert Foster in a three-way collaboration with Gretel Harrison and Masud Parvez. They are inspired by Robert’s childhood memories of playing in rock pools in central Australia and Masud’s fond memories of his grandmother making traditional Bangladesh rice desserts. Playing with the repetition of organic forms, the top and base mirror each other and explore the playful notion of symmetry.

The clever design features a top plate that has either three or four sculptured shallows. These indentations or ‘pools’ are designed to house dips, biscuits and a range of delicious antipasto and fruit delights. The flexible nature of the design also makes it perfect for serving seafood as ice can be placed in the base to keep prawns, oysters or caviar cool. The translucent nature of the acrylic is illuminated by the reflective anodised bowl below, creating an elegant play of light and depth.

The top plate is made from hard wearing Satin Ice Plexiglas resulting in a soft luminescent glow. The base is made of anodised aluminium and nestles perfectly under the ‘pools’.


The Four Seasons Vase is designed by well-known Australian designer Robert Foster. Its distilled design comes from necessity: an elegant solution vested in simplicity. From the way it was made to the way it functions it complements many environs and fulfils its task.

This vase seems to talk to us: it says; ‘I was once uniform and symmetrical but something has pushed me askew. I am alive with suggestion. I could be part of a leg. Or an object shaped by the elements. I don’t stand quite straight, with a subtle lean I appear to wander about. I’m a fin cutting through the water or a person clutching a bunch of gorgeous blooms. My opening gleams like a silver halo and my vertical brushed surface moves upwards presenting its prized contents’.

The fluid organic form requires precision skill in making and hand finishing. Available in four rich colours—gold, cooper, charcoal and green—which make it ideal for every season and surrounds. Together, the three sizes work as sculpture; singularly the form stands alone. There is a Four Seasons Vase to suit all types of flora.

Sushi set

Foster remains excited about the influence and interplay between his experimental hand-crafted exhibition works, which have been acquired by major museums and galleries around the world, and the F!NK production pieces.” Brian Parkes Freestyle: New Australian Design for Living

The Sushi Set is an extension of the exploration Robert Foster has made into surface textures in his one-off exhibition pieces.

The soft lines of this design challenge the perception that metal is a hard and static form. The gentle undulations create a sense of flow and movement like rippling water. The sensual nature of the shape complements the Japanese art of aesthetically displaying the beauty of the food that is prepared.

The Sushi Set contains two sushi trays and two complementary wasabi dishes. They are available in colour combinations of matt black and matt silver.

Platter +

The conceptual basis of my work often relate to the Australian landscape. I am interested in the dialogue we create with landscape and domestic space as we continue to inhabit and form the land, and, it in turn inhabits and forms us.” Rachel Bowak

Comprising a stainless steel Platter and three anodized Condiment Trays, the design is a reflection of Australia — brilliant blue skies, intense shimmering heat and light refracting over ancient landscapes.

The off-centre ‘plateau’ and subtle curvature of the stainless steel platter have been achieved by an industrial process known as hydroforming. The anodized aluminium Condiment Trays have been cold-pressed and are designed either to be placed upon the Platter or served by its side.

Trays are sold separately or as a set of four pieces. Trays are available in four individual colours and contrast with the texture and colour of dips, antipasto, sauces, relishes or sweets. Together they are the perfect way to present a myriad of tempting appetizers and side dishes.


The Water Jug became the first F!NK product and is still the mainstay of the company. It encapsulates the qualities of F!NK + Co. that have distinguished it since it was established in 1994: distinctive design, rethinking function and technical innovation.” Merryn Gates, “Fostering Design: Drawing on a Pool of Raw Talent” Object Magazine Issue 49

Quite simply, nothing else looks like or pours like a F!NK Water Jug. Originally commissioned in 1993 as a limited release vessel for the opening of an elegant new restaurant in Australia’s national capital, Canberra, the early prototype was refined and its manufacturing streamlined, allowing the potential of the Jug as the quintessential F!NK piece to be realized. The Jug was issued as the vanguard for Robert Foster’s then fledgling design company F!NK + Co., and to this day remains its signature piece.

The F!NK Water Jug is available in six stunning anodized matt colours – Deep Blue, Turquoise, Red, Orange, Black and Purple – as well as a lustrous silver satin finish. Exclusive colours can be negotiated for special editions.

Coolamon platter

Foster’s approach to design and manufacturing is shaped by a craftsman’s deep knowledge of materials, backyard-shed resourcefulness and a mad-scientist-like obsession with risky experiments. Not surprisingly, F!NK has become renowned for innovative production methods.” Brian Parkes Freestyle: New Australian Design for Living

This design is inspired by the traditional Indigenous Australian Coolamon — a multi-purpose vessel used by Aboriginal women to carry water and gather bush tucker as well as to cradle their babies! Also inspired by Indigenous dot painting, impregnated dots running along the belly of the object produce an appearance that is like a spine or animal tracks.

The Coolamon is made by first using high pressure water to produce a smooth vessel. The object is then pressed to create the pattern and texture on the surface.

In true F!NK style, this spirited design is a statement piece as well as perfectly functional and is suitable for fruit, bread and other delicacies.

The three different editions of the Coolamon Platter – ‘Spine’, ‘Track’ and ‘Edge’, are available in three signature colours: silver, red and black.

Wine chiller

The Wine Chiller is the result of a collaboration between Adelaide jeweller/designer Bronwen Riddiford and Robert Foster, and takes the ‘ice bucket’ to a new design dimension.

The Chiller is made of two components. The outer body is cold-pressed anodized aluminium and the removable bottom is a thermal-moulded plastic puck filled with a cooling agent. The puck is put into the freezer and, when suitably chilled, inserted into the base of the outer body, locking firmly into place.

The tapered body incorporates a generous opening capable of accepting the most boisterous magnum, while an integrated handle ensures the safe arrival of a delicate dessert wine.

The Wine Chiller comes in cool grey or classic satin aluminium, while the freezable pucks are available in a range of brilliant colours interchangeable to suit any occasion.