Fatware extends Oliver Smith’s reputation for sublime cutlery design through working with Robert Foster and his innovative manufacturing processes. Wishing to literally grasp the act of cutting, Fatware embodies Smith’s fascination with ancient stone tools. Such tools integrate both handle and cutting edge, and Fatware boldly embraces the elegance of this stoneage reference.

Fatware consists of two occasional table knives that fit firmly and reassuringly in the hand. The first functions as a parmesan shaver or for hard cheeses, the second as a paté spreader or for soft cheeses. Both are pressed from solid aluminium and are hard anodized to ensure durability and longevity.

Fatware can be sold individually or as a pair and comes in a striking obsidian black finish. They team with the Fatware food-grade cutting-board (available in either red or white) to complete this stunning suite.