Single Stem vase

single stem vase

These stunning vases pay homage to Robert Foster’s 2008 lighting installation The Journey that was on display at the ground floor of the ActewAGL building in Canberra, Australia, and which has now been decommissioned. 37 individual tusk-like forms —‘Ossalites’ — were set into a floor housing a sequenced LED lighting system triggered by motion sensors, creating a mesmerising forest of light.

The elegant and sculptural Single Stem vases are a heartfelt tribute to Robert and his Ossalites. The minimal forms are designed for a single stem flower and the weight of the water acts perfectly as a counter balance for holding a long-stemmed Australian native. They work beautifully as an individual piece or collective sculpture, memorialising and celebrating both Robert the individual, and the collective Ossalites.

Made from aluminium, they are shaped using Robert’s unique water forming process, which allows for the creation of the fluid, organic shapes synonymous with the F!NK aesthetic. The visible seam that runs along the arc creates a ridge or backbone — just as Robert was the backbone of F!NK + CO. Each vase is individually hand finished and then anodised.

They are available in pale charcoal, champagne and silver in large, medium and small sizes.