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bread bin

Designed by Robert Foster, this piece is inspired by monumental archetypes of nature; like Uluru (Ayers Rock) or a jutting iceberg afloat on the horizon line! This tectonic form speaks of strong angular protrusions eroded by time to become a soft organic form, making this a unique piece of kitchenware.

Once again Foster combines sublime aesthetics with optimal functionality to create this striking object, perfect for any modern kitchen. It is cleverly-designed to house two loaves of standard bread, or one upright loaf and a round loaf. FINK’s bread bin simplicity will suit the needs of all bread lovers.

The lid is made from hard wearing Satin Ice Plexiglas which gives it a soft luminescence glow. The base is silver anodised aluminium. Available in four eye-catching colours—frosted white; cheeky lime; deep blue or elegant matt charcoal—each with silver tray.

Titanium Pitchers

This elegant pitcher  is more space-age and minimal than the iconic F!NK Water Jug – originally designed in 1994 for the Republic Restaurant in Canberra, Australia – but likewise is just as functional and build to endure.

The pitcher is easy to hold and pour and will hold one litre of water. Titanium is a supremely durable and sterile material that can be used for any liquid from wine to water to even milk!

Like the anodised aluminium Water Jug, the Titanium Pitcher is also anodised and is available in raw titanium grey and anodised denim blue. More colours will become available over time.

f brooch

The F!NK ‘F’ Brooch, is designed in collaboration with graphic designer Louise Scrivener, an integral part of the Fink team since 1996. Louise has a passion for typography and the ‘F’ for F!NK (used in all F!NK’s promotional material and packaging) has been recreated in 3D form to become the F Brooch. Made from stainless steel with a red rubber ball to anchor it, the look is fabulous on both men and women.

Heart brooch

Originally designed and made by Robert Foster in 1984, this new version of his Heart Brooch was launched on St Valentine’s Day 2006 in response to popular demand.

The shape of this Brooch is truly sensual and the use of three carefully chosen colours evokes individual emotions: deep red for Love, silver for Honour and purple for Bravery.


Gold and silversmith Rohan Nicol designed this first piece in the F!NK + Co. jewellery repertoire with a funky integral clasp that appeals to both male and female wearers.

The Bracelet is made in hard-anodized aluminium giving it strength and durability, and is available in matt black and a polished silver finish.


The Shakers are a collaborative project between Australian glass artist Jonathan Baskett and Robert Foster. Jonathan’s inspiration is from his time spent living in and working in Mexico, where life is about food, noise and movement, and where the maraca is the essential ingredient for all music.

These playful Shakers are about having fun at the dinner table with family and friends, sprinkling rhythm onto your food. What better way to add beat to the daily grind?

Made from hand-blown Pyrex glass with an anodised aluminium stopper, the collection includes salt with a single small hole and a grey stopper, pepper with three holes and a black stopper and the slightly larger sugar shaker with one larger hole and a red stopper. Sold as a pair or individually.

Have fun shaking!


Drawing on botanical references and a passion for structural simplicity, the Candelabra combines deft observation with engineering elegance. It achieves a playful balance between symmetry and asymmetry.

The stainless steel ‘fronds’ of each Candelabra invite personal arrangement beyond the final design; as well as moving up and down the stem, each frond can be horizontally rotated a full 360 degrees, resulting in a refreshingly contemporary twist on an intimate lighting structure.

The Candelabra is fabricated in mirror-polished stainless steel and comes complete with two fronds and two white candles. Each Candelabra accommodates up to seven fronds and additional fronds are sold separately.

vaxis vase

Many of the forms and contours in my work are derived from Australia’s extraordinary natural environment – the unique flora and fauna and the weathered features of the landscape shaped by unrelenting elements.” Robert Foster

In the Vaxis Vase Robert Foster has created a form that references a bird in flight and the opening alludes to the wingspan of the Australian Currawong.

The axes of the mouth of the vase provide an organized structure suitable for a wide range of floral types and sizes offering an infinite number of display options. The minimal interruption of this streamlined vessel creates a stunning stand alone object perfect for any environment.

Vaxis is available in three bold anodized colours of vibrant red, deep blue and midnight black.

Storage vessels

F!NK is about quality, Australian-made and designed, innovative, about people and with a sense of quirkiness.” Gretel Harrison, F!NK + Co.

“Mr, Mrs, and Junior Squash.” These multi-purpose vessels playfully explore the notion of the recycling of aluminium and how cans are ‘squashed’ both before and during the process. Foster’s pressing technique used to create this vessel has resulted in a unique contorted pattern that resembles a face — both happy and sad — reminiscent of a clown. The domed lid continues the theme as it mimics a clown’s hat.

‘Mr Squash’, ‘Mrs Squash’ and ‘Junior Squash’ are mix-and-match so you can create the perfect combination to complement your decor. Three different sizes small (1.5L), medium (2L) and large (2.5L) come in a brushed finish in silver, black or charcoal. Lids are available in red, orange, blue, black and white.

Perfect as a tea caddy, storing biscuits, sugar, flour and a whole lot more!

Butter dish

A modern take on this tableware essential, the fluid lines of this butter dish tease with the idea of it melting before our eyes.

This is quintessential, ironic Foster: taking the textural properties of the substance – “soft as butter” – and interpreting that alongside “hard as steel”.

Foster drapes the Perspex lid over an illusory butter shape – is it hard or soft?

The gentle curve where stainless steel base and Perspex lid meet echoes a hand spreading butter with a knife, complete with a flourishing flick at the end. This is yet another masterful resolution of design with functionality – the flick serves as an easy way to hold the dish and the lid.

The F!NK butter dish accommodates the dimensions of both continental and Australian butter pats. The stainless steel base comes with a Perspex lid in (of course) butter yellow, black, frosted white or transparent deep blue.


Fatware extends Oliver Smith’s reputation for sublime cutlery design through working with Robert Foster and his innovative manufacturing processes. Wishing to literally grasp the act of cutting, Fatware embodies Smith’s fascination with ancient stone tools. Such tools integrate both handle and cutting edge, and Fatware boldly embraces the elegance of this stoneage reference.

Fatware consists of two occasional table knives that fit firmly and reassuringly in the hand. The first functions as a parmesan shaver or for hard cheeses, the second as a paté spreader or for soft cheeses. Both are pressed from solid aluminium and are hard anodized to ensure durability and longevity.

Fatware can be sold individually or as a pair and comes in a striking obsidian black finish. They team with the Fatware food-grade cutting-board (available in either red or white) to complete this stunning suite.

Tea Strainer

The F!NK Tea Strainer is designed to enhance the ritual or tea drinking, combining the whimsical with the practical. The black net filter with silver wing-like handles is held aloft of a cupped pedestal, which catches the remaining tea drips.

Swivel Lamp

The F!NK Swivel Table Lamp is a low voltage task lamp that is based on design minimization and an innovative articulating arm and switch. The mechanism provides 360 degrees of movement, allowing the user to have control over the positioning and intensity of the light source. The innovation does not stop there—the lamp also has a unique magnetic switch. The tail of the switch is actually a sprint coated insulating plastic, and the silver ball contains a rare earth magnet inside. When pushed down onto the base plate, the silver ball completes and electrical circuit to turn the lamp on. As an added safety feature, the switch automatically loses connection with the base plate when the tail is pushed too far.

Storage Pod

The F!NK Storage Pod was designed by Robert as part of residency at the JamFactory Contemporary Craft & Design Centre in Adelaide. The F!NK Storage Pod is an eye catching display piece that is also perfect for storing that secret possession or everyday items like tea.

The F!NK Storage Pod is available in three stunning colours especially chosen to accent it’s sensual shape¬—tangerine, deep purple and grey blue. The top can be turned either way to create a slightly different form.

Shot Glasses

Elizabeth Kelly designed and produces these exquisite individually hand-pressed drinking vessels. Robert collaborated with Elizabeth over three years in researching and developing an efficient production proves, which has resulted in a finely tuned product.

The F!NK shot Glasses stand like beautiful jewels in their display case, which doubles as a clever packaging device. The come in boxed sets of two and four, in bright pink, emerald green, cornflower blue and sea blue.

Feature Bowl

The F!NK Feature Bowl is borne from the collaborative efforts between furniture designer/maker Remi Verchot and Robert Foster. Their partnership has resulted in a radical hybrid of artisan-based skills and contemporary industrial rotational plastic moulding. It fulfils Verchot’s desire to “break out of the singular axis of wood turning and, create pure, functional forms”.

The F!NK Feature Bowl is playfully asymmetrical, beautifully balanced and widely versatile. From the corporate boardroom to the domestic setting, this unique design lends itself to serving or being displayed as a piece of art. The F!NK Feature Bowl will enhance any contemporary environment.

The bowl is 230mm high, 360mm wide and 380mm deep, and is available in bright red, white, blue and a limited edition fuchsia pink.

Explosive Vase

The F!NK Vase originated from a trio of one-off vases Robert Foster created for a solo exhibition in 1996, and has evolved as a production piece through the exploration of a technique—explosive forming. This unique process allows the manufacture of organic types of forms which are otherwise difficult to achieve using traditional industrial techniques. The design and technique are inseparable, and there is great irony in creatingsuch an elegant and sensuous object using a volatile manufacturing process. Each “Explosive Vase” is unique in character since the process ensures that no two objects are ever alike. The juxtaposition of unconventional process and design has produced another distinctive F!NK product.

Citrus Squeezer

The F!NK Citrus Squeezer is both elegantly functional and visually striking. Emulating exotic tropical flowers, it pours perfectly and is a beautiful accessory to the healthy lifestyle. It is available in three rich colour combinations of strainer and glass element.

Blink Lamp

This sleek form exudes a soft warm glow. The unique ball joint held together by a magnet allow for 360-degree mobility, as well as acting as an in-built switch.

This discreet lamp is perfect for the office or as a bedside table.

Creamer + Sugar Bowl

The Creamer and Sugar Bowl Set strikes a sublime balance between technical innovation, distilled form and functionality. The Set perfectly enhances the ritual and pleasure of serving tea or coffee.

The distinctive aspect of these vessels lies in using a revolutionary plastic base that can be bonded with anodized aluminium. An inventive heat fusion process combines these materials for the first time, ensuring hygienic, food-safe domestic pieces.

The playful design of the Creamer elicits the surprise of a bottomless container and the Sugar Bowl is ideal for serving cubes or grains. This F!NK trio is sold as a three-piece gift set (with its own tray), and is available in silver, black, cobalt blue and red.