Loop Neckpiece

Made from a single piece of folded stainless steel and anodised aluminium, the inner fold is hand polished and the outer surface is sandblasted. The Loop neckpiece cleverly uses flowing lines to frame a contrast between the textures which give the two loops definition and depth.

The design was inspired by concept of the continuation and flow of life and protection of those closest to you.

Loop Angle and Loop Oblong are available in red, aqua, champagne, black and stainless steel.

The Loop pendants sit balanced on a thin neoprene band that is joined with a sterling silver toggle which allow changes in length of the band to suit a range of placements of the pendants.

Droplet Earrings

The Droplet Earrings are the result of a FINK Design Team collaboration inspired by the form of the negative space of the Loop Neckpieces. As with the neckpieces, the two organic shapes are Oval and Angle, with each earring combining a large and a small component.

The shapes are juxtaposed against each other through the deliberate contrast of the two materials, one part anodised aluminium and one part polished stainless steel. The reflective mirror finish of the polished material balances the softness of the aluminium.

The range comprises twelve earrings with colour combinations of matt silver with polished stainless, black with polished stainless and bordeaux with polished stainless.

The Droplet Earrings jiggle gently when you move creating their own melody and are timeless, elegant pieces suitable for day and evening wear. The minimalist nature of the design will appeal to a wide range of fashion tastes and styles.

Bangle + ring

This simple piece of bodyware was designed by Robert Foster. The curvaceous form hugs your wrist and the lightweight nature of the anodised aluminium makes it a pleasure to wear.

Reminiscent of a sewing bobbin or an eyelet from an old fishing boat, the silver trim ensures that the anodising will not get chipped and is a long-lasting decorative treasure.

Robert has again used his ingenuity to design an innovative manufacturing process to create this simple and standout form.

Available in two sizes: large and small. It comes in six bright and bold colours that are sure to complete any outfit: bordeaux, navy, gold, copper, emerald green and black.

The Ring is a perfect accompaniment to the Bangle as it echoes the curvaceous form. It is super easy to slide on and off is remarkably comfortable to wear. The simple design is the ideal accessory for any occasion.

Available in two sizes: small with a 16.5mm internal diameter and large with a 19mm internal diameter. It also comes in six bright and bold colours: bordeaux, navy, gold, copper, emerald green and black.


Although trained in traditional silversmithing techniques I prefer to use modern industrial materials and manufacturing processes…laser cutting and finishes like anodizing help achieve my designs.” Bronwen Riddiford

‘Leaf’, ‘Cube’ and ‘Oblong’ are the result of a collaborative project between jeweller/designer Bronwen Riddiford and Robert Foster.

The simple organic forms play with the notion of symmetry and balance. The use of multiple colours captures both light and shade reflecting the lines of the form and highlighting the duality of the shape.

The three pieces are available in a range of coloured anodized aluminium and stainless steel and adapt readily to wearing by males or females of any age and personal style.

Drop Earrings

Another collaborative project between Bronwen Riddiford and Robert Foster. Together they have created two new designs for hanging earrings: The first design is called ‘Propeller’ and is based on a symmetrical three pointed shape and the element of movement where two pieces spin on the hanging axis and the surface finish differentiates the two.

‘Flip’ the second design is also based on the symmetry of three equal points but the design has been ‘folded’ to resemble petals or a fan. Both simple and elegant, they are light to wear and have an endearing sense of humour previously captured by Bronwen in her Fink ‘Wine Chiller’ design.

Variations in the shapes for both concepts mean the entire range consists of six individual styles (flat, pointed and curved in both Propeller and Flip) to suit every taste and age.

(not all styles shown in all colours)