bread bin

Designed by Robert Foster, this piece is inspired by monumental archetypes of nature; like Uluru (Ayers Rock) or a jutting iceberg afloat on the horizon line! This tectonic form speaks of strong angular protrusions eroded by time to become a soft organic form, making this a unique piece of kitchenware.

Once again Foster combines sublime aesthetics with optimal functionality to create this striking object, perfect for any modern kitchen. It is cleverly-designed to house two loaves of standard bread, or one upright loaf and a round loaf. FINK’s bread bin simplicity will suit the needs of all bread lovers.

The lid is made from hard wearing Satin Ice Plexiglas which gives it a soft luminescence glow. The base is silver anodised aluminium. Available in four eye-catching colours—frosted white; cheeky lime; deep blue or elegant matt charcoal—each with silver tray.