Drop Earrings

Another collaborative project between Bronwen Riddiford and Robert Foster. Together they have created two new designs for hanging earrings: The first design is called ‘Propeller’ and is based on a symmetrical three pointed shape and the element of movement where two pieces spin on the hanging axis and the surface finish differentiates the two.

‘Flip’ the second design is also based on the symmetry of three equal points but the design has been ‘folded’ to resemble petals or a fan. Both simple and elegant, they are light to wear and have an endearing sense of humour previously captured by Bronwen in her Fink ‘Wine Chiller’ design.

Variations in the shapes for both concepts mean the entire range consists of six individual styles (flat, pointed and curved in both Propeller and Flip) to suit every taste and age.

(not all styles shown in all colours)