Droplet Earrings

The Droplet Earrings are the result of a FINK Design Team collaboration inspired by the form of the negative space of the Loop Neckpieces. As with the neckpieces, the two organic shapes are Oval and Angle, with each earring combining a large and a small component.

The shapes are juxtaposed against each other through the deliberate contrast of the two materials, one part anodised aluminium and one part polished stainless steel. The reflective mirror finish of the polished material balances the softness of the aluminium.

The range comprises twelve earrings with colour combinations of matt silver with polished stainless, black with polished stainless and bordeaux with polished stainless.

The Droplet Earrings jiggle gently when you move creating their own melody and are timeless, elegant pieces suitable for day and evening wear. The minimalist nature of the design will appeal to a wide range of fashion tastes and styles.