These dynamic pieces are designed by Robert Foster in a three-way collaboration with Gretel Harrison and Masud Parvez. They are inspired by Robert’s childhood memories of playing in rock pools in central Australia and Masud’s fond memories of his grandmother making traditional Bangladesh rice desserts. Playing with the repetition of organic forms, the top and base mirror each other and explore the playful notion of symmetry.

The clever design features a top plate that has either three or four sculptured shallows. These indentations or ‘pools’ are designed to house dips, biscuits and a range of delicious antipasto and fruit delights. The flexible nature of the design also makes it perfect for serving seafood as ice can be placed in the base to keep prawns, oysters or caviar cool. The translucent nature of the acrylic is illuminated by the reflective anodised bowl below, creating an elegant play of light and depth.

The top plate is made from hard wearing Satin Ice Plexiglas resulting in a soft luminescent glow. The base is made of anodised aluminium and nestles perfectly under the ‘pools’.